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apologize for any inconvenience during some time ago, zencafe having some problems in terms of hosting the iso and especially on its manuals. the matter had ...

Gyachi 1.2.0 dan Firefox 3.5

03 Jul 2009, 10 comments

Kontributor Delly ( gyachi 1.2.0 kompatibilitas mulai zencafe 1.4 (dengan catatan upgrade glib2), karena memerlukan libgio. download link click here

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Pidgin 2.5.8

29 Jun 2009, 2 comments

Kontributor Delly ( Yahoo problem fixed Minimum system Zencafe 1.4 tips "upgradepkg packages-name.tgz"

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Community Packages Update 18052009

18 May 2009, 11 comments

Kontributor/Packager :Syaiful Romadhon ( Kompatibilitas : Mulai Zencafe 2.0 alsa-firmware-1.0.19

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Mainly design to use for Internet Cafe desktop, Zencafe polished in many ways and easy enough to operated. Included autorecovery and internet cafe management software, Zencafe is the best and the first Linux solution that suitable for internet cafe.




  • bgung: @vostec: coba pake pcmanfm....
  • vostec: Tapi di icewm, kl dipasang...
  • bgung: @ om del: thx atas versi lite...
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  • belajarlinux: thanks bgt...
  • andika: sebagai masukan coba liat di...
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